How to Hire a Real Estate Photographer

Agents are concerned with the price, especially in this economy when you have marketing expenses, but keep in mind that professional photographers have various expenses associated with their work too.  Whether a photographer gives you digital files and/or print versions of your listings, they typically still own the copyright to the work.  With commercial real estate, the fee per image could be $150.00 or more.  When you work with DG Photography, there are no copyright fees and you are free to use them for any of your marketing needs such as; postcards, flyers, brochures for commercial work, etc…

Tell your photographer exactly what you want for your photos.

Make a comprehensive list of everything you want the photographer to shoot for your listings.  For example, there may be areas of the interior and exterior, or amenities in and around the property that you want highlighted, communicate the details to your photographer.  This will prevent you from getting a final product you’re unhappy with and give your photographer a clear notion of what you want your photos to look like.

Here are the primary areas to check out in each home:

  • The kitchen:Is there a standalone island, modern range, and spacious counter area that are worthy features to highlight in your real estate photos?
  • The bedrooms: Look for any attributes that stand out, like floor-to-ceiling windows or lots of closet space. A professional will be able to capture this.
  • The living room: Be sure to make the living rooms look more comfortable so your prospect can envision themselves’ living there.
  • The basement:For listings with finished basements, make them appealing to prospects with children, who could use them as playrooms, and for adults, an entertainment center.  This is a great selling point for children with Xboxes and teenagers (today they are all tech savvy) surround sound entertainment prospects watching their favorite sports channel.
  • The backyard: Find out what makes each unique such as an in-ground pool, hot tub, etc… Does the patio have a BBQ grill and lots of space for entertaining?  Include the landscaping, etc…  and accentuate those features.
  • The front yard: Enhance any positive aesthetic characteristics in the front of the house. Are there flowerbeds or intriguing plants that highlight the front of the house and entrance?

Ask yourself these questions to gauge if you should hire your photographer again:

  • Did the photos appeal to your core audience?
  • Did they listen to your preferences?
  • Did they complete their assignment in a timely fashion?
  • Were they easy to work with?
  • Did they edit the photos to your satisfaction?
  • Was their pricing model everything you expected?