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Building Interiors & Exteriors | Product Displays

When you’re ready to present a distinctive promotional – one that absolutely captivates your prospects’ attention – you’re ready to work with DG Photography.

Now, you can draw on Dianne Gregg’s two decades of hands-on experience serving the special needs of commercial clients. Experienced with accounts as small as local shops … and as large as multi-national hotel chains … Dianne has earned the reputation for capturing and producing vivid photographic images that make her clients stand out from their competition.

Experienced Project Management …

What’s next on your production calendar?

  • Brochure
  • Website
  • Post Card
  • Catalog Sheet
  • Promo Package

These projects demand more than a photographer … you need an experienced project manager.

You need someone who can help you solidify your vision, and see it through to an effective final project … a piece that you’ll be proud to present … through the mail, on the Internet, at trade shows, and across the table.

Professional Guidance Every Step Of The Way …

Simplify your life! From “tablecloth concept” to finished masterpiece, you’ll enjoy the step-by-step professional guidance you can only expect from DG Photography.

After a thorough assessment of your needs and objectives, Dianne will offer fresh ideas and assist with creative direction. She’ll help you tell your story, showcase your property, or sell your product with dramatic photographic images … images that practically jump of the page or screen to pique your prospects’ interest, and help close the sale!

Brilliantly Perceived Angles and Lighting …

Your subject live or still, will be presented artfully, tastefully and in a manner that befits the objectives of your particular project.

Hotel, Real Estate Development companies appreciate Dianne’s knack for finding just the right angle, for indoor or outdoor shots.

One look from your prospect, and your property or product will be indelibly etched in the consciousness, a complimentary likeness only Dianne can achieve. Product Manufacturers and Vendors love presenting their virtual samples Dianne creates for the, by translating the still subject into a stunning product portrayal. Her talent for balance and composition shines through when she practically gives life to inanimate objects. You’re prospects won’t just read your brochure, or catalog sheet … they will experience it!

Model Shoots exhibit Dianne’s ability to put the subject at ease. Whether it’s a fashion shoot, or a commercial pose … she captures the look and feel you need to convey your unique message.

Your Competitive Edge …

When you collaborate with DG Photography, you’ll experience Dianne Gregg’s depth of experience backed with professional training. You will reap the benefits of her natural talent, flexibility, effective communication and strong work ethic.